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National Insurance Application Systems, Inc. has only one mission – to create as many measurable differentiators as possible for our member agents – resulting in higher policy counts, profits, closing ratios and spectacular growth.

AcuComp® improves loss ratios an average of 30 percent and permanently lowers experience modifiers together with premiums an average of 27 percent over time.


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News Articles & Updates

National Insurance Application System, Inc.

News articles or updates related to AcuComp services or the Worker's Compensation Industry:

NCCI Proposes Decrease to Florida Workers’ Comp Rates

Posted Oct 12, 2015

"The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation said today that it has received the 2016 Florida workers’ compensation rate filing by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), which proposes a statewide average premium decrease of 2.2 percent...."

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Florida Court Upholds Workers' Compensation 'Exclusive Remedy'

Posted July 17, 2015

"Florida’s insurers are breathing easier after the state’s high court ruled that the workers’ compensation law bars injured workers from seeking additional benefits in civil court...."

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Debate on Workers’ Comp Reform Begins in Illinois

Posted June 4, 2015

"Business groups and injured employees weighed in May 6 as Illinois lawmakers began debating whether to revamp the state’s workers’ compensation insurance program to reduce costs for employers..."

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Florida Approves 5.2% Rate Cut for Workers’ Compensation in 2015

Posted Jan 7, 2015

"The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation said it has approved an overall decrease of 5.2 percent in workers’ compensation insurance rates in Florida, the first decrease in four years. ..."

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Growth in Employment and Earnings Brings an Uptick in Workers' Compensation Benefits and Costs

Posted Dec 8, 2014

"WASHINGTON, DC (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Workers' compensation benefits rose by 1.3 percent to $61.9 billion in 2012, while employer costs rose by 6.9 percent to $83.2 billion, according to a report released today by the National Academy of Social Insurance (the Academy)..."

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Workers’ Comp Law Ruled Unconstitutional (Fla)

Posted Nov 5, 2014

"On Aug. 13, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Cueto declared Florida's Workers’ Compensation Statute, 440.01 et seq., unconstitutional. This ruling will be appealed and, ultimately, reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court. The decision is also likely be a focal point for the first legislative session after the November elections..."

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Distinguishing Your Agency in the Marketplace

Posted April 14, 2014

"For years, my partners and I worried that our agents could not answer the simple question, “Why should a prospective client buy insurance from our agency?” Sure, they knew all the right buzzwords, could tell wonderful stories about our agency’s longevity, and wax eloquently about the wonderful service we provided. But when it came to the bottom line, we felt our agents truly believed that the decision to purchase insurance always boiled down to price – “who offered the lowest premium?"..."

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Professional Employer Organizations Save on Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Posted February 10th, 2014

"Uncontrolled Workers’ Compensation Costs can have a devastating impact upon the profitability of Professional Employer Organizations. THE DILEMNA: The insurance regulatory authorities in each state audit the reserving practices of workers’ compensation carriers to help identify and prevent potential insolvency. Reserves are required to be set on the “conservative” side (somewhat higher than file documents support at any given point in time) to meet insurance department solvency criteria..."

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New Flyers Added to the Current Marketing Materials

Posted January 19th, 2014

We have updated our marketing materials page with 5 new flyers to use as sales tools. We can also customize or develop sales and marketing materials that specifically meet the needs of our individual members. Contact us if you need additional information or customization.


Distinguishing Your Agency in the Marketplace

Posted January 10th, 2014

"A Marketing Tool that Separates Us From the Competition" Group 500 member Michael J. Weinberg, president of Gateway Insurance Agency, commented in the October 96 issue of TAAR Magazine. Michael then went on to say, "AcuComp offers three primary services. The first is an experience modification verification program, which checks and verifies experience modification factors in all states. Yes, other programs do the same thing and many agencies offer this service. But what made us give the nod to NIAS is that when a mistake in the calculation is discovered, NIAS handles making the correction in all states. This gave us a chance to take the typical service one step further by offering a capability we lacked internally... "

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Website Updated and Revised

Posted November 12th, 2013

We have updated our website to add a tab to include the sales and marketing materials we now provide our member agencies in order for them to leverage AcuComp in the marketplace. The drop down menu allows for easier access enabling members to edit and retrieve point of sale flyers, sales presentations, and our e brochure. We provide material based on feedback from our member agencies that adds to their differentiation in the markets they serve. We can also customize or develop sales and marketing materials that specifically meet the needs of our individual members. Contact us if you need additional information.


NCCI - Experience Rating Plan Changes in 2013

Posted January 7, 2013 1037 AM EDT

"NCCI’s Experience Rating Plan (Plan) has been in use since the 1940s. In its long history, the Plan formula has not changed very often. Although it is reviewed by NCCI every one to two years, the last time a formula change occurred was in 1998. Although formula changes have been infrequent, the Plan has continued to achieve its desired result—to produce experience modifications that reflect the true relative experience of insureds in the Plan. The current experience rating split point contained in the Plan ($5,000) has not changed in more than 20 years; however, the average cost of a claim has tripled since the last split point update. This means that less weight is being given to each employer’s actual experience. Over time, modifications have drifted closer to a unity (1.00) modification.... "

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VIEW AcuComp Webinar on the NCCI Split Point Change : HERE


NCCI Split Point Changes

Please be advised, split point changes will go into effect in 2013 based on the date of their state's approval. See below.

As of July 10, 2012, the following states have approved Split Point:

Alabama March 1, 2013

Alaska January 1, 2013

Arizona January 1, 2013

Arkansas July 1, 2013

Colorado January 1, 2013

Connecticut January 1, 2013

DC November 1, 2013

Florida January 1, 2013

Georgia March 1, 2013

Hawaii January 1, 2013

Idaho January 1, 2013

Illinois January 1, 2013

Indiana January 1, 2013

Iowa January 1, 2013

Kansas January 1, 2013

Kentucky October 1, 2013

Louisiana May 1, 2013

Maine January 1, 2013

Maryland January 1, 2013

Mississippi March 1, 2013

Missouri January 1, 2013

Montana July 1, 2013

Nebraska February 1, 2013

Nevada March 1, 2013

New Hampshire January 1, 2013

New Mexico January 1, 2013

North Carolina April 1, 2013

Oklahoma January 1, 2013

Oregon January 1, 2013

Rhode Island July 1, 2013

South Carolina July 1, 2013

South Dakota July 1, 2013

Tennessee March 1, 2013

Utah December 1, 2013

Vermont April 1, 2013

Virginia April 1, 2013

West Virginia November 1, 2013



As an example, in Vermont, split point change won't take effect until April 1, 2013.
It's not based on the published date, as previously thought, but their state's approval date.


Work Comp - A Premium Issue for Technical Services Firms

Posted October 19th, 2012 8:00 AM EDT

"Workers’ Compensation premiums are increasing at an alarming rate for most employers nationwide. The causes are well known: medical over-utilization, lenient attitudes towards claimants by the various Industrial Accident Boards, a generally litigious environment, outright fraudulent claims, aggressive claims reserving practices on the part of the insurance industry, and finally automatic premium increases tied to poor loss experience... "

Read Full Article : HERE



Presently, NIAS, Inc. is the sole nationwide provider of a turnkey data system that has been validated by a state insurance department to permanently lower experience modifiers averaging 27 points.

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