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National Insurance Application Systems, Inc. has only one mission – to create as many measurable differentiators as possible for our member agents – resulting in higher policy counts, profits, closing ratios and spectacular growth.

AcuComp® improves loss ratios an average of 30 percent and permanently lowers experience modifiers together with premiums an average of 27 percent over time.


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Florida employers save on Workers’ Compensation Premiums

" Workers' compensation premiums in Florida are increasing at an alarming rate. The causes are well known: medical overutilization, lenient attitudes towards claimants by the various Industrial Accident Boards, a generally litigious environment, outright fraudulent claims, aggressive claims reserving practices on the part of the insurance providers....."


AcuComp Reduces Workers' Compensation Premiums

" There is better than fifty percent chance of error in nearly all workers' compensation premiums. Furthermore, it is generally thought that nothing can be done to improve premium levels and to reduce the experience modification...."


Workers Comp System Provides Differentiation to Agencies

"Vendors often tout exhaustive benefits that their products can deliver to end users. Not so with James B. “Jay” Conant, president of National Insurance Applications Systems, provider of the AcuCompSM workers compensation cost control system..."

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Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System Search

This page allows the user to search the 1987 version SIC manual by keyword, to access descriptive information for a specified 2,3,4-digit SIC, and to examine the manual structure.

Enter a SIC CODE:
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Get Ready - NCCI Increases Split Point in Experience Rating Methodology

"At the Annual Issues Symposium 2011 in Orlando, FL, The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Chief Actuary Dennis Mealy delivered his State of the Line report. This year's report outlines the continuing difficult trends facing the workers compensation industry and includes a
"deteriorating" market forecast. Mealy shared the news that the primary-excess split point is increasing.

Read Full Article & View Our Mod Calculations: HERE


Work Comp 101

What is Worker's Compensation? ( article pertains to Florida)




Presently, NIAS, Inc. is the sole nationwide provider of a turnkey data system that has been validated by a state insurance department to permanently lower experience modifiers averaging 27 points.

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CWCU Certified

AcuComp®, a division of NIAS, Inc. is

CWCU certified

CWCU Designated Company

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