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"Just a note to mention appreciation for the work that Katie has done on a claim for my client. This is the first client that I got setup by signing the LOA, and it was only last month. Well it seems that as soon as you assigned it to Katie she called on the claim, and she found nearly $8,900 was still reserved. She got the adjuster to close down the reserve, so that will help my client on the Unit Stat.

So this is my first client with you Bill and already you got results! Thank you and please recognize Katie."

Date: 4/15/15
- CA AcuComp Member

"Thank you for letting me know that the unit stat division for AIG approved and submitted your revision request to the NCCI. The total incurred loss on this claim was reduced by over $60,000, which lowered our client's modifier by 3 points!

This is just great news!! A true success story!"

Date: 2/11/15
- FL AcuComp Member

"I’ve just had some time to review the prospecting packages sent by AcuComp and I must say that I LOVE the PowerPoint presentation.  What a clear, concise, easy to understand, nicely delivered presentation.  You make us look good! "

Date: 8/28/14
- New England AcuComp® Member

"Please see below request for Prospecting report. Also, the producer's have been very impressed with the powerpoint presentations that have recently been included with the prospecting packages, so if we could continue to receive those as well that would be great! "

Date: 8/28/14
- Southeast AcuComp® Member

"I have had the pleasure of working with the people at Acucomp in securing new business in California. We are in such a competitive environment. We needed and were searching for a competitive edge to win new business. We found that with Acucomp! The prospecting material and the professionalism of the staff provided us with the extra value add to win new clients again and again. The people, process and service has really enhanced our offering. Thank you Acucomp!"

Date: 5/9/14
- Robert Ford, Owner California Agency
Regency Business Insurance Solutions

"The corrections that AcuComp filed for just hit and my insured's experience modifier dropped way down. Thanks for your help on this one. Great job!"

Date: 11/13
- Member Agency/President

"The attached WCIRB worksheet confirms your success in achieving a significant reduction in the reserve on our client's pending claim, and in getting the insurer and the Rating Bureau to revise the client's Experience Rating accordingly. GREAT JOB, GUYS!!!!!"

Date: 6/17/13
- CA AcuComp Member Agency

"AcuComp, thanks for taking the time to go over our cumulative activity report. I am amazed that NIAS was able to lower experience ratings by 16% in just 10 months for the accounts that have been audited by Acucomp! That figure speaks for itself, not every account will see such amazing results but I am very satisfied with the Acucomp process and that the results can be documented."

Date: 2/27/13
- GA AcuComp Member Agency

"Through the services provided by NIAS, our clients have benefited from a huge reduction in their open reserves which were imposed upon them by their insurance carriers."

"I walked into a fabrication company that was "very satisfied with their agent of 20 years" until I asked about their work comp program - and the truth came out. The wife's owner told me that they'd been unable to do business with DuPont and other large customers due to their mod of 1.02. I immediately asked for their mod worksheet and put AcuComp to work - demonstrating how their mod would have been affected had AcuComp been implemented four years ago. As expected, the PDAR proved that the company's Emod would have been much less than a 1.00 and that the loss of potential revenue could have possibly been salvaged if AcuComp had been implemented. I left the office with a "BOR" on all lines of coverage on a $15,000 commission account, breaking a 20 year relationship with the current agent. AcuComp has opened many doors. When this service is presented correctly, PRICE is completely taken out of the equation!"

- David McKinnon, CWCU
Commercial Producer
Bottrell Insurance

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Presently, NIAS, Inc. is the sole nationwide provider of a turnkey data system that has been validated by a state insurance department to permanently lower experience modifiers averaging 27 points.

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